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Most professional team sports require players to wear uniforms, restricting some creativity, however, athletes have found little ways to add a little creative customisation to their outfits. Baseball doesn't have a lot of room to show off your personality. For example, basketball players wear distinctive shoes, while some soccer stars have colourful hairstyles. But, Philadelphia one of his Phillies players has found a way to inject a distinctive personality into his uniform. During the MLB Little League Classic, Bryson Stott showed up with a bat that looked just like the number two pencil. Made by Pennsylvania-based racquet company Victus, this racquet features a bright pink eraser, green ferrule, yellow body, and black charcoal tip. The illusion worked even better because when Stott came to bat,  he appeared to be gripping the tip of a pencil.

According to SB Nation, this type of adjustment typically violates the rules of Major League Baseball. However, due to the nature of the match, Stott was given the pass. The Little League Classic is held annually in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, which also hosts the Little League World Series. Since the audience is primarily made up of children attending tournaments, Stott wanted to pay homage to younger players and introduce new kids to this timeless sport by creating rackets with playful themes.
The #2 pencil baseball bat was such a hit with fans that many are calling on his MLB to relax the rules and allow this kind of fun customisation. Now we have a very funny photo of Stott with a pencil bat that makes us dream about the creative possibilities of future artistic sports gear.
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