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For many people, art and sports are almost opposites. One is elegant, academic and thoughtful, the other is rowdy, sometimes aggressive and definitely loud. However clever social media accounts create a visual connection between the two, showing how similar they are. Art But Make It Sports takes some sports imagery and expertly combines it with eerily similar artwork for hilarious results. 

This account is run by his LJ Rader, who surprisingly doesn't rely on his AI to find matching images. He just saw a great painting and combined it with the art he saw. Many of his combos are based on similar poses, including a photograph of Shohei Ohtani reeling after his UCL tear, and a  sculpture of Jean-Antoine Houdon, also brooding. His most interesting combinations are those in which he finds similar compositions, expressions and motifs.

One of the most interesting aspects of Rader's work is that his portfolio spans a wide variety of sports and artistic styles. One day he likens the exact moment Novak Djokovic broke his tennis racket to Dali's The Persistence of Memory, and another day he likens the USA men's goalkeeper's save to a Raphael painting. Maybe. Not confined to conventional media, he likens a baseball player running into a fence to a well-groomed horse installation embedded in a wall. 

Rader already has an extensive archive of sports and arts comparisons, but competitions are held infrequently around the world, so you never know where your next interesting photo will come from. Finally, this project combines art and sport to remind us that both are spectacles that can invigorate us and entertain us at least for a while.

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