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Matthew Gaydos of Journey to the Microcosmos used footage by James Weiss to explore the amazing micro world that inhabits rain puddles. Gaydos also worked on the first study of his 17th-century puddle by Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, the father of microbiology. 

"But James was not the first microscopist to examine puddles. A hands-on look at the writings of one of the first masters of the microscope takes us into a 17th-century Dutch puddle microcosm of time and space. You can.” Of course, I am talking about Anthony van Leeuwenhoek. A Dutch microscopist, whose many letters to the Royal Society of London contain our first description of microbes, or "little creatures" as he called them. 

He also showed what van Leeuwenhoek saw as what we see today, how Dutch microbiologists were progressing, and how they blended history with the modern world. 

"But puddles are more than just reminders of history. They are their own little worlds that impose demands on the organisms that live there... In between rains,  organisms  find ways to cope with the dry environment." Must be, and the creatures thrive when the world becomes "wet again around them."


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