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We all have probably experienced a song repeating over in our head after we heard it. Well, it seems like the song really does get stuck in your brain. New research shows scientists are developing techniques to decipher similar brain activity. It's not perfect yet, but it already has the ability to reconstruct the songs people listen to with amazing accuracy. In the study, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, examined brain activity in 29 epilepsy patients who currently have all electrodes implanted in their brains. The subjects listened to Pink Floyd's 1979 song "Another Blink in the Wall," and neuroscientist Ludwig Berrier and others monitored their brain signals. As the music played, the researchers observed how neurons in the brain responded to the lyrics, rhythm and harmonies of the song. They then used artificial intelligence to decrypt the data and create copies of the songs.

"Music is a central part of the human experience," says Berrier. “By understanding how the brain processes music, we can really learn something about human nature.  found that the area of ​​the brain that controls the superior temporal gyrus (STG) uses more activity: when the guitar is played,  a completely different part of the STG lights up during the singer's vocals. They also obtained visual evidence that they were actually more inclined to music than to the right side of the brain, which is more associated with language.

Take a look at the video below where you will first hear the original song (from time 0:37), followed by the reconstructed version using brain signals.

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