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Love is sometimes found in the most unexpected places. For a news anchor named Cornelia Nicholson, that meant finding her significant other in her colleague, a reporter named Riley Nagel. And given that they're both pursuing careers in the television industry, Nagel has a unique opportunity to come up with a grand proposal that will melt hearts around the world.

Nicholson, who works for NBC affiliate WRCB-TV as a weekend news anchor, continued as she thought was a normal news segment which she appeared to be reading from the teleprompter. Suddenly, she reads a script that is oddly close to her own life, as it describes “two young journalists who just happened to find love in the same industry.” As she remains professional and keeps reading, she finds herself introducing Nagel to the studio for a “special report.”

Then Nagel approaches her with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Then he explains how he's been attracted to her since he met her, and why he brought the two together when they met years before her. explained. Surprised and moved by the grand gesture, Nicholson cried with joy and said yes.

Now living in Tennessee, their story began in March 2020 while working for a news station in Montana. According to People magazine, Nagel was hired as a reporter a month earlier than Nicholson, who was hired as a weekend producer and weekday reporter. As a result, Nicholson decided to go with him. They became a couple soon after. Across the border, Nicholson took a job as a presenter and then as a reporter for the same news network. Nagel planned a grand proposal and consulted with the mayor. "I thought, 'Before you say no, listen to me. I think this is pretty cool,'" says Nagel. "They say, 'This never happened to us.' They came back and said, 'Okay, it's scary to do it live.'" offered to do it after the film aired and aired at a later date. "I wasn't afraid to say no to her," he recalls.
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