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Remember pre-Covid, when we all used to go to office buildings Monday to Friday? Yes, that place where you had to share a fridge and bathroom will people you hardly know. Well, we’ll probably have to go back there eventually, so don’t miss it too much just yet.

To be honest, not all offices are bad. In fact, some offices are fun because the people that work there have a sense of humour – a necessity when you’re in an open plan.

If you’re an accountant, you know that the financial year-end time is nerve-wracking. If only you could take a sip of your favourite drink to calm your nerves. Well, what about putting that bottle in a brown paper bag and labelling it "work documents"? That’s what one person did and we bet HR didn’t even blink when they saw it.

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling when you buy specific milk and keep it in the fridge, with the idea that your colleagues are all trustworthy adults and that they won’t steal it – but then they do? If not, do what one guy did and put a lock on it. Yes, the milk situation in any office is a serious situation.

How on Earth are we going to get used to wearing work shoes again? And proper office clothes? Do what one guy did and buy a pair of slippers that looks suspiciously close to a pair of shoes you own. Then replace one normal shoe for the slipper for a few days.

If no one notices and you think you can get away with it, wear the other slipper as well. Before you know you’ll be having the time of your life by wearing slippers to work and not being called in by HR. Oh, the joys in life.

Are you in the mood for a good laugh? Simply put a sticker on your office coffee machine that says "voice-activated". Your colleagues will think the machine has been upgraded since lockdown and continue to ask for coffee. Be sure to have your phone ready to record this.

Watch the Narrator World video below for more hilarious photos of fun colleagues at work.

Image credit: Business Insider

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