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Statement T-shirts are all the rage now, and we just love it when they’re paired up with another awesome version.

Why would you want to wear a cool shirt all on your own, when you can pair up with another one? Double the fun and laughs!

Or what about getting the whole family in on it? From blueprint to encore to mic drop, there’s a shirt for every single one of you.

Adriana Minadi compiled a video of her favourite t-shirt pairs. We loved the dad with the pizza and the kid with the pizza slice. Speaking of dads and kids, why don’t you get a Ctrl + C shirt for dad and a Ctrl + V shirt for baby?

Want to get something for you and your bestie? Burgers and fries go together like, well burgers and fries.

The shirt pair that might just start out better than it ends? Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right. May the odds be ever in your favour…

What funny image or statement would you print on your T-shirt to pair with someone else?

Watch Adriana Minadi’s video below for more funny T-Shirt Pair ideas.

Image credit: BuzzFeed

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