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Check out these people who skirted the rules and beat the system.

If you've ever been to a music concert, you'll know how the vendors inside charge exorbitant amounts for their products. Especially when it comes to alcohol. 

This often leads to inventive ways for party-goers to sneak booze into the venue. Most of the time, this means hollowing out a loaf of bread to hide a bottle of rum or ladies stuffing their bra's with tot-sized packets of gin.

But, in 2017, a chap by the name of Alex Diamond went a step further. He channelled his inner-pirate in the lead up to the Electric Zoo Festival. 

Three weeks before the concert, Alex visited the showgrounds that would play host to the festival. Using his experience of the setup from the year before, Alex found an inconspicuous spot, dug a hole, and buried an exercise bottle filled with vodka.

He then pinned the location on Google Maps. On the day of the festival, he effortlessly located and retrieve his alcoholic booty. What a winner!

Alex isn't the only person to beat the system. The video below from the YouTube channel "Be Amazed" showcases this and other stories of people coming up with genius solutions to everyday problems. Check it out below. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire you to come up with something terrifically marvellous to help you beat the system too! 

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