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Known as RJ (aka @cakefacerj), the self-taught makeup artist have been dazzling the internet with her unique optical illusions she creates using her face as the canvas.

With ordinary makeup brushes as her tools and some brightly coloured eye shadows and pigments RJ has created a very impressive portfolio of trompe-l'œil looks which showcase her boundless creativity.

Having a passion for both makeup and art, RJ decided to combine both to create something amazing. By watching countless of YouTube tutorials from other makeup artists, RJ was able to master the skill herself. She has since mastered several creative effects. Even though it has only been two years of practicing, she has already been making a name for herself in the beauty industry.

In one piece RJ was inspired by one of Picasso’s abstract portraits. And she definitely nailed it. She magnificently transformed her face into a confusing myriad of multiple eyes, noses, and lips. In another, the artist creates the mind-bending illusion of twisting off the top of her head to reveal a mechanical metal maze inside her skull. 

RJ also has her own YouTube channel where you can also learn how to recreate her looks.

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