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Various artists makes use of all sort of materials such as kopper, wood and even something much lighter such as self-taught artist Patrick Alberto Vraja. Vraja majestically scores and folds sheets of paper in their desired forms to create detailed sculptures of animals  which almost looks like realistic models.

The 24-year-old Romania based artist, started his origami journey since he was a child. His passion for origami first started with making paper planes. But after some time he moved on to more complex subjects such as large feathered wing birds and even dragons. “My latest origami piece was a huge owl. After I was done with the step-by-step tutorial, I studied the owl's anatomy and tried to make it look realistic.” 

Vraja included many refined features in his work for instance his owl sculptures, which contains many details such as talons, individual feathers, beaks, and eyes. 

But this isn’t an easy job. To create these magnificent sculptures not only takes some time, but also requires large sheets of tissue paper which can measure up to 5 feet in length and width. “I don't usually plan my origami sculptures, they come to me naturally. One day I might fold a dragon, another day, an owl! And that's magical. I also get daily inspiration from friends, which keeps driving me to want to fold that origami as well.” 

In addition to creating these amazing models, Vraja also makes recording of his work and the process to teach others through his experience. 

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