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At Sara Morrow's house, a self-proclaimed animal lover from rural Oregon, furry friend Murphy is the boss. And there is no shortfall of animals when it comes to the Morrow's household. 

Murphy, a mild-mannered golden retriever, is in charge of five cats, 21 chickens, two pigs and a rabbit. He cares for his beloved brothers and sisters and makes sure that the peace is kept between everyone.

"Murphy loves to chase the birds, he loves to swim, he loves when we have baby chicks, to snuggle with our cat Toodles and go hiking. He and our rabbit, Delilah, love each other so much that they each dug a hole on either side of the fence to get to each other. He's a gentle giant who loves all."

However, Murphy's job keeping the peace got a bit harder when Morrow brought home an English setter puppy named Archie. But, luckily for them, Murphy soon began to love his rambunctious little brother.

"Murphy and Archie hit it off right away. Archie follows him everywhere, and Murphy plays hall monitor. If Archie is playing too rough with one of the cats ... [Murphy] steps in the middle, lays down and lets Archie have at him."

But, as we all know, a puppy has enough energy to keep an army on its toes. Occasionally, Murphy has to lay down the law when his little brother's puppy energy gets out of control. As we have seen in several videos on social media, Golden retrievers are known for having "soft mouths". They can even pick up and carry raw eggs without damaging them.

When Archie gets out of control, that is where Murphy's big soft mouth comes in handy to calm his little brother down.

But, where most of us will jump up and try to stop it, Morrow wasn't worried for a second when she saw Murphy swallow Archie's head. "Murphy is gentle with every animal we have," Morrow said. "He's never shown any aggression."

But, as puppies tend to grow up – as every normal living creature does – Murphy can't fit his brother's head in his mouth anymore. Even though he can't calm his brother down by swallowing his tiny head anymore, it doesn't stop him from making sure Archie stays on his best behaviour.

"Murphy is the gentle protector of all, and Archie is definitely the little brother that tries to get away with everything."

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