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Nearly 50 years after the theatrical release of the film Rocky, the boxer's inspiring story continues to captivate audiences. Sylvester Stallone, who wrote and starred in the film, recently returned to Philadelphia, where the film was filmed. It comes on December 3, known as Rocky Day and commemorates the 47th anniversary of the film's release.

A special event took place near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, at the top of the stairs Rocky climbed in the movie. There are statues commemorating the location and the recently opened Rocky Shop. The crowd was joined by Stallone, many of whom wore costumes from the film.

“I want to thank you and Rocky from the bottom of my heart because we are very close,” Stallone told the audience. “To all of you, who, believe it or not, are the real Rocky, because you live your life on your own terms, you try to do your best and you keep hitting.”

Hosting the event at the top of the “Rocky Steps” was important to the role he played in the film. Rocky's iconic spring at the museum is a place that resonates with many, including Stallone. Before filming, he was a struggling writer in need of a break. In an act of bravery, he successfully negotiated his own acting role, ultimately realising Rocky's dream. “When you get to the end, you're inspired, you feel special, hopeful, happy and most importantly, you're happy with yourself,” the 77-year-old actor said. "True victory is never giving up and never walking away from yourself and those close to you. And in addition to these steps, you must remember that anything is possible. "Hit me." Stallone finished his speech by cutting the ribbon at the Rocky Gift Shop and taking photos with some fans.

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