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Technology has made our lives at home easier. Think about all the tools and equipment that help you and make you comfortable. But as one designer proves, technology can make our environment more beautiful. The developer, known as Döuyin or Dazhongdexiaowowo, has found some success online thanks to his architectural skills.

Creating your own designs or artfully recreating ones you've seen on the Internet, teaches DIY techniques for bringing intricate and colourful home appliances to life. In a recent video posted to Reddit, Döuyin showed off a large black coffee table. When he slid his hand around it, the table lit up, as if he were leaving the path of the stars he was touching. But Döuyin did not keep his technique a secret. It teaches you everything about making the table, from cutting the wood to painting and polishing.

Although he speaks Mandarin, the way Döuyin writes his technique is descriptive enough to overcome language barriers. The final product is really interesting. Not only does it look good and work perfectly, but it also shows that the shine depends on the human touch, the pressure on the bottle and the weight of the cat.

Döuyin also worked on a similar project and shared the process on Instagram. But this time, they replicated the design using blue resin tiles instead of black canvas covered in stars. The result is fascinating, with blue joints connecting the shiny wooden hexagonal pattern. But what makes this project even more interesting is seeing the effort Döuyin put into creating this beautiful piece.

Watch his video on Reddit here

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