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Josh, from Let's Game It Out gives us a hilarious review of Planet Coaster.

This will be the funniest video you see today. Josh, from Let's Game It Out, does video game reviews with a twist, and he has a massive following. He is funny and witty, sarcastic and hilarious. The games are usually Sim-style, like SimAirport and Good Company, and almost always include creating an environment of some sort.

In this particular review, Josh gets his hands on Planet Coaster, where a regular person would build a theme park for everyone to enjoy. Not Josh though, he has other ideas, and when comments like "It's like confetti, but it's bodies. Happy Birthday to us," come out of his mouth, you know it's gone badly for patrons in the park.

What Josh discovers is that he can use roller coasters to smash into crowds of people, launching them into the air. He then realises that, because they don't die, if he collects them on a path that leads to the exit, they'll continue their horrifying journey through Planet Coaster.

Not satisfied with them escaping, he then sets them up for more rollercoaster magic by sending more coasters to smash into them, with comedic gems like, "Careful, protect your spine and vital organs!"

His creativity is ingenious, and he's comedy gold. You should watch this video immediately. I mean, who doesn't want to see a giant shotgun made of two rollercoasters turning people into birdshot, and ending up dunked in a basketball hoop? Yes, it gets crazy.

There is so much more to this video but, a picture paints a thousand words, as they say, so it would be better for you to watch Josh and his hilarious review of Planet Coaster.

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