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Fascinating images have been taken over the years of important people and astonishing events all for us to look back at historic moments captured in time.

A few pictures that stand out the most is the picture of eight-year-old Samuel Reshevsky, a chess prodigy who defeated several chess masters – all at once. And the one with two German soldiers and a mule, all wearing gas masks!

Then there's the famous picture of The Last Jew in Vinnitsa, depicting the very sad moment during the Holocaust in Ukraine where a Jewish man was photographed about to be shot by a member of Einsatzgruppe D, a mobile death squad of the Nazi SS. The victim is kneeling beside a mass grave already containing many bodies, behind him, a crowd of SS and Reich Labour Service men watch.

A notable mention must go to the 2,800-year-old kiss, a photograph of human remains which were unearthed in 1972 at the Teppe Hasanlu archaeological site, located in the Solduz Valley in the West Azerbaijan Province of Iran. The site was burned after a military attack and people from both fighting sides were killed in the fire, which apparently spread quite unexpectedly and quickly through the town. The skeletons were found in a plaster grain bin, probably hiding from soldiers, and they almost certainly asphyxiated quickly.

See the video below for more historic pictures you must see.

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