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The smallest things can make a big difference in a child's life. In the touching video, a child named Braheim Fowler received a seemingly simple gift from his father that brought him to tears. The  boy was given a green baseball bat and couldn't contain his joy. In a moment that came full circle, not only was the kid able to use it at the crucial moment of the baseball game, but his father, Devon, also caught the home run he was hitting. 

The video introduces us to little Braheim in a baseball uniform. The boy thought his father had forgotten  his 12th birthday, but everything changes quickly  when he is given a rectangular cardboard box. When he opens it to find out what's inside, his big smile quickly turns to tears of joy. "Happy Birthday!" says his loving father and asks him not to cry, otherwise he will cry too. After telling his kid to pull out a present to show the world, the proud dad exclaims, "I want to see some home runs. I love you." 

And look at the home runs he's hit. About a year after he gave his son the green bat, a magical event happened. Papa sat in midfield during one of Braheim's games. As if written for a movie, the boy hit a home run and the ball hit right  where Devon was sitting. Camera in hand, the proud dad ran to catch the ball his son had just sent across the park, propelling his team closer to victory. As if one happy moment wasn't enough, the father's excited reaction matches  his son's when he first got his baseball bat. "I got it! Aha! I've got him Boo!” yells Devon in proud excitement. "I got him baby! Thanks! Thanks Boo!” 

Though an emotional moment in itself, Braheim's home run seemed to portend a promising career in the sport he and his father love. Years after the video's original release, Braheim seems to be getting down to business, playing 1B/RHP for Overbrook High School in Clementon, New Jersey. Not only does his future look bright, he's sure to have his biggest fan in his dad. 

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