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Let’s face it, we all spoil our kids from time to time. Whether it’s a rare treat or a reward for something they’ve accomplished, spoiling your kids is normal.

What isn’t normal, is when billionaires spoil their kids. They take spoiling kids to a whole new level… penthouse level in Barron Trump’s case.

The former first kid isn’t Donald Trump’s only child, but he is the youngest, so it sort of goes without saying that he’s probably spoilt more than the others. Barron has a $100 million penthouse all to himself in his dad’s apartment building, Trump Towers, in New York.

In Barren’s library is a book worth $15,000 called GOAT – a tribute to the boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Well, it definitely beats the price of the hand me down books we had in a box under our bed.

If the United States had to choose their own royal family, Beyonce and Jay-Z would be the Queen and King. The Carters, as they’re legally known, have made their billions in the entertainment industry.

Blue Ivy’s first birthday party is rumoured to have cost $300,000 and, along with her siblings, they can choose to stay in any of the homes her famous parents own, including their yacht.

When your dad is Bill Gates, you could ask for probably anything and it will happen. When Jennifer Gates wanted to indulge her hobby of equestrian racing, her parents bought her land in Florida to the value of $37 million to build a home for her and her horses.

The barn consists of 27 stalls and she has her own jumping arena to practice.  

Right, so where was that chocolate bar we bought our kids for getting a good grade in last week’s geography test?

Watch The Richest video below for more on billionaires and their spoilt kids.

Image credit: Entertainment Tonight

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