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Every parent has a hilarious story or two when it comes to things their toddlers have done. Most of these stories don't usually make headlines unlike one particular event with a toddler. 

Kelsey Golden, of Ricardo, Texas, was at home with her two-year-old son, Barrett, while her two older children were at school. While she worked on the computer, she let Barrett play with her phone - one of his favourite things to do was play with the camera app and stare at her reflection. She thought she had blocked the phone before giving it to him. Turns out that wasn't the case, and Barrett thought of something else  that day. "He starts pressing the screen and swinging it around like his arm is on a roller coaster ride," says Golden. About 30 minutes later, she received a strange message from DoorDash. "It was like, 'Hey, it's going to take a little  longer than usual for me to take your order.' 

Golden was very confused by the order. She started wondering if she might have placed an order for Happy Meals for her kids school as she has done before in the past. However, she was pretty certain that she had packed her lunch that morning and had no recollection of placing an order. She called the school just in case and warned them that the driver might be coming. However, the school's response was even more confusing: It confirmed that they had indeed packed lunches for their children this morning and they ate them.

At that moment there was a knock on her own door. "So, I go and open the door, and there's this girl  and she's like, 'Your 31 cheeseburger?'" Golden laughs. "I just looked at them in embarrassment for about 15 seconds, then I took them and said, 'Oh thanks!'"

The quirky tone was right: Barrett's cheerful tap on the phone screen resulted in an order for 31 McDonald's cheeseburgers. The boy even added a generous $16 tip for the restaurant's troubles, bringing the  total to $91.70. Perhaps even more amusing is the fact that neither Barrett nor anyone else in his family likes cheeseburgers. "He ate half the portion," says Golden, who was stumped. "We had about 31 cheeseburgers on hand."
So Mom took to Facebook, posted about Barrett's stunt, and offered free cheeseburgers to anyone who was interested. Complete strangers soon began to appear at the meal. "One was a pregnant woman and she wanted six, no judgment, you know?" Golden laughs. "I was pregnant three times." 

Although the bill for a McDonald's order was a bit high, more  than anything, Golden was amused and kept on top of things. "It was an innocent act," she says. "He was just playing with my phone. I don't strive for perfection too much. My children are very happy and that is the main thing.”

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