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Some people are idiots and deserve a healthy chunk of karma. Here are ten minutes of instant karma caught on film.

Yup, there are people out there that deserve what they get. Like the one out of ten cyclists who think they own the road and are happy to flip the bird when a driver hoots their horn at them. Well, karma comes smiling when the idiot cyclist rides into the pavement. I guess it's better than being ridden over though.

Other times, though, it may just be a practical joke gone wrong. For instance, parents who try the magic-penny-in-the-bottle trick but end up squirting themselves in the face. Now that's karma for you!

Unfortunately, some people have bad intentions. The one guy entered a coffee shop wearing a motorcycle helmet, intent on claiming electronics for himself without paying for it. He snatches a ladies laptop but, unlucky for the thief, it's tethered to its owner. Not only did karma mess with his thieving ways, but also sent a burly bodybuilder with a chair after him.

There are a whole bunch more in the video by Nice Channel on YouTube below. Get your popcorn popped and get ready to say "you deserved that!" a whole bunch!

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