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A Florida fisherman was joined by an unexpected visitor at his weekend fishing spot and had to pack it up early. A massive alligator suddenly appeared, clearly not happy with the fisherman, and started chasing him away. 

The video of the experience was posted to YouTube by Florida resident Tommy Lee. The video shows the scary experience where the fisherman was scampering down a narrow path as the massive predator chased him down. "Oh Jesus Christ, you got to be careful here," the 22-year-old could be heard saying after seeing the 11-foot gator. 

He then begins back peddling down the path. Then, to make it even more terrifying, he actually trips and falls while the alligator was still on his trail.

"Well, that puts an end to my tarpon fishing," he says, as the gator stares him down. The incident occurred in the Florida Everglades. 

The video is a solid reminder that Florida fishermen should be more careful. They are currently in the thick of alligator mating season, which runs from May until the end of June. 

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said it is common for alligators to act more aggressively than usual while they look for mates. 

What would you do if you were being chased by an alligator? 

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