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LEGO has been a fundamental part of children's learning and creativity when it comes to toys. Whether you're following directions or entering an unfamiliar building, these obstacles are both exhilarating to the brain and painful to the unsuspecting foot. The tactile nature of the blocks, which fit one inside the other with small raised protrusions, is great for accessibility. Lego Braille blocks (sets the Lego Foundation began distributing to schools for the blind a few years ago) are now being superseded by the first models of publicly available Braille blocks. This $89.99 set is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping on 1 September 2023. 

This set contains 287 colourful pieces and is considered suitable for children ages 6 and up as most children are beginning to read and learn basic math. Each "peg" in the block corresponds to a number and letter in the braille code. The blocks are also printed with letters and numbers in romaji. Additionally, two of her baseplates are included in the box to hold your child's creations in place, and all included pieces can be mixed and matched with other LEGO sets. A corresponding campaign page helps kids and families get creative together. For more ideas, visit the  LEGO Braille Blocks main page.

Even in an era of advanced technology that converts text into words, braille is still an important skill to teach. According to the European Union for the Blind (EBU), it can promote, among other things, independence and better employment opportunities. Lego bricks offer family and school friends the opportunity to learn Braille together with visually impaired children. Lisa Taylor, whose 7-year-old daughter Olivia lost her sight when she was a toddler, explained the impact these Legos had on her family's ability to communicate. “Having a LEGO set at home changes everything. My family can play with Braille together and teach it in a way my sisters both love. She can use LEGO Braille bricks just like any other child, so she can play and learn like any other child. ” 

Plus, the time you spend reading, spelling, adding and subtracting is further practising these valuable skills. Rasmus Logstrup, lead designer of Braille bricks at Lego Group, said the company was "inundated with thousands of requests to make [the bricks] more widely available." "We know this is a powerful platform for social inclusion and we can't wait to see families get creative and have fun playing with Braille together." Added.

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