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Little Junebug has always been a very curious little dog with an outsized personality. However with the oversized personality and curiosity, little Junebug can be a bit intense especially when it comes to peeking over the fence.

This photo of Junebug peering over the fence with a rather ghoulish and scary gaze, has been making the rounds online. in recent days. “Never been more scared of a dog,” one person who shared the image tweeted.

The photo of Junebug went viral, and soon enough people all over have been associated her appearance. to that of Beetlejuice, the Joker and even that scary clown from ‘It’. Other than her scary and yet unique expression, there is nothing really scary about Junebug. “The Dodo was able to track down Junebug’s owner, Tim K., to learn about their “scary” dog and the viral pic.”

Soon enough it was clear that little Junebug is no other than a perfect angel. “Junebug is, without a doubt, the sweetest dog you could ever meet. She loves people. And everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She’s just the sweetest little thing in the world.”

You might wonder how she gets to her spot to freak so many people out. There’s a sweet explanation behind how Junebug is able to peak over the fence. “We have a privacy fence in our backyard. Every once in a while, Junebug wants to see what’s happening on the other side of the fence, and I’ll pick her up and hold her. We let her look over. For us, it was just a cute photo. It wasn’t until people started commenting … she’s got such an intense look on her face.”

“We’ve always been dog people. She’s a member of our family,” Tim said. “If Junebug knew about all of the attention she was getting, she’d be over the moon."

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