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When planning a wedding, guest selection is one of the most important points for couples. However, even with the most careful planning, it is sometimes impossible to predict whether one of the attendees will be the centre of attention at the party. Especially if your guest happens to be a fluffy llama. A llama named J attended a wedding in upstate New York recently, and his uniquely designed tuxedo made him look more like a dapper groomsman than a cute animal.

Junior's caretaker is Llama Adventures, a farm whose goal is to "bring the joy of llamas to everyone." What better way to spread joy than with cute creatures dressed as party guests? To give the impression that J is standing on two legs and elegantly wearing a tuxedo. The costume consists of elegantly crossed hands and neatly pressed pants. Seen from the perfect angle, the llama's back is hidden and it stands there like a human-llama hybrid, quietly posing for photos, receiving smooches from bridesmaids, and interacting with other groomsmen.

"He also regularly attends his birthday parties, nursing homes, school events, etc.," the Llama Adventures team told another news outlet. But attending Tara and Adam's wedding was special for both his caregivers and guests. Human beings are better than curious animals. In addition to Lama's cool appearance, his visit had a  deeper meaning. "It was the bride's mother who contacted us about bringing a llama to her wedding. It was a surprise for the bride," recalls Llama Adventures. "Apparently her lifelong dream is  to own a llama farm."

As the photo shows, Tara seemed excited to be spending her special day with the llama and was cheeky for a family photo. In addition to striking a pose, it is also part of the event that allows witnesses to stand during the event. ceremony. This llama, whose official registered name is BC JJ Hallelujah,  seems to be having a lot of fun. "J is taking everything in stride and is enjoying the attention," his carers added. “It is always fun to take J (and other llamas) to events. In most cases, it is the first personal experience with a llama. As our slogan says, we are I love sharing my joy  with others, and J in particular is a great ambassador.” 

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