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French artist JR continues to transform iconic locations into breathtaking illusions with his installations at the iconic Paris Opera House. The facade of the Palais Garnier has been transformed into a stage for everyone. Lyrical performances and dances related to opera were projected onto his installation over four nights. This is the first of two consecutive installations commissioned by the Paris Opera from esteemed artists. These works make use of the Palais Garnier's restoration work, giving JR a blank canvas for his work.

This installation is inspired by Plato's philosophical fable about the cave, a place whose exit provides access to knowledge and understanding of the world. The piece is titled “Cave Journey – Act 1 – Cave Entrance” and will be on view until September 25th. In November he created another masterpiece for the JR theater. In this second installation of his, the facade is replaced by a huge embroidered stage with his curtains. The public is encouraged to try their hand at embroidery for free and help with the installation. 

“In the first act, the Palais Garnier seems stuck between two times,” says the artist. "At first glance, this building appears to be in ruins, reflecting the fragility and eternity of Parisian monuments. Upon closer inspection, this piece can also be interpreted as a permanent structural work of art. Built 100 years ago. Contemporary scaffolding has been installed alongside the buildings and natural features from 2007, representing the actual work required to physically support this installation and monument.” 

This piece is a beautiful homage to classic art and philosophy, and JR gives it a modern twist. On September 16th and 17th, audiences saw various productions of  Boléro, La Traviata, and The Tales of Hoffmann.

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