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The one drives an old Ford Fiesta. The other one is driven around in Range Rovers or Royal carriages.

The one lives in a small house on the Isle of Man. The other one lives in Buckingham Palace in London. Well, she’s actually got quite a few palaces and castles across the United Kingdom.

Meet Ella Slack: The Queen’s double. Well, technically, she's a stand-in, not a body double – there's a difference.

While she’s not meant to stand in for the Queen when the real Queen doesn’t feel like showing up, she is often asked to attend rehearsals leading up to big events.

It all came about when Ella worked at the BBC and, after a public appearance by the Queen, she complained that the sun was in her eyes all the time. One simply cannot afford to have the sun in their royal eyes, can one?

So, Ella nominated herself to be the Queen’s stand in to ensure there won’t be any sun shining in the Majesty’s eyes or that she will be uncomfortable at any of the events.

According to Ella, she’s been the stand in at rehearsals over 50 times, and she’s still going strong.

The one thing she’s never ever allowed to do? Sit on the throne. No, not that one, the actual royal throne. Only the Queen is allowed to sit on the throne, so Ella has to hover above it when they’re in a rehearsal.

Watch the A Great Big Story video below of how Ella Slack became the Queen’s double.

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