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With technology evolving over the decades, new inventions have been brought to market which makes household duties very easier to maintain. For example, the automatic vacuums which sweeps your home for you. However, would you ever imagined the little vacuum speaking back at you when he has to pick up something not so sanitary, or even curse at you? 

Seems like al that is indeed possible after technology vlogger Michael Reeves mastered the project. After several requests from viewer to build a Roomba that screams and curses when it bumps into walls and other things, Reeves couldn’t say no to the quite interesting project. 

In the first attempt of building the curse Roomba, Reeves found that his tweeks was too polite and the second attempt was too angry.

Reeves consulted voices of vloggers such as iDubbbz TV, MaxmoefoePokemon and Lily Pichu, and was determined that his third attempt was perfect for a Target test market. 

Even though the responses where on the positive side and that the project turned out better than expected, it is not quite enough for Reeves to mass-market a screaming, cursing Roomba.

“Screaming Roombas are technology that mankind has dreamed about ever since we could look up at the stars, today I was able to bring that dream to life.”

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