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For some parents, the key to communication is meeting the kids halfway. These days that would simply be achieved by a phone call when you are not close by, however, in the case of ChaCha Watson, the Chicago mom who recently went viral for her creative approach to her child, had to get an alternative after her daughter just simply ignored her mom's phones call while playing video games.

Watson needed her 11-year-old daughter Miracle to get lasagna and garlic bread out of the freezer so she could make them at home. After Mira, as she calls her, didn't pick up the phone, she decided to look for her in Roblox. Not only did she succeed, but now she  has a very funny story to tell.

Roblox is an online gaming platform that allows users to program their own games, which had 164 million users as of July 2020, according to the New York Times. Watson and her daughter have been playing it for over a year and their avatars are friends in the game. This allowed the mother to see that her daughter was online and even what she was playing - Berry Avenue, a Sims-style game - and decided to join too.

Watson figured Mira didn't pick up the phone because the game would overload her if she  answered. Luckily she was able to find her daughter in the first part of the game. “When you first step into the game, it's still in its infancy. So when I jumped out, she  just went up like that," she said today. Her avatar got into the car with her daughter's character. "And I said, 'Look, I'll call you!' and then she said, 'I'm sorry, mom,'" she recalls.

Luckily everything worked out in the end as the car briefly stopped at the side of the  road and her daughter went to get stuff from the freezer. "I thought, 'People need to see what I'm going through to connect with my kid,'" says Watson. Despite this awkward encounter, the mother, who is also a stand-up comedian, said playing Roblox was a great way to bond with her daughter and  even allowed little Mira to connect with her extended family. She believes parents should try, but not just to tell their kids to do something.

Watson said, “Being a single parent you just want to make sure that you're spending time with your kids. That's really important to me—to make sure I'm spending quality time with her. So I downloaded Roblox and…that was just one of the best things ever.”

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