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A hilarious mother of four has clearly been through it all, based on her hilarious impressions when it comes to arguing with the teenagers in her house.

In her TikTok videos, Amy re-enacts her kid's behaviour and reactions when asked to do the simplest tasks.

One series of videos is titled, Life With a Teenager, and the clips are both accurate and hysterical. Like this one titled, Teenagers are nocturnal: Part 2.

Whether Amy asks her children to clean their room, to wake up in time for a virtual class, or even just to change their clothes, it's a scene. Amy has been through every teenage drama reaction that there is around the block. She can definitely teach us a trick or two on how to handle them.

Here are some of Amy's incredibly accurate and hilarious videos that are bound to make you laugh. This one is called "Emptying the dishwasher," while this is a drama about a seatbelt.

So, go on then, check them out and see if you relate!

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