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Ever wanted to submit your favourite drawing? Well, at Café Bw you can do  that and stick to the latte at the same time. Located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, this cartoon cafe has quickly become a favourite among locals thanks to its quirky decor. As visitors enter, they are greeted by a  black and white interior that stretches from wall to wall. Everything in Café Bw, including  floors and furniture, is painted with graphic lines. “The idea came up to create a place that would be interesting mainly because of its interior (with good coffee, of course). The repair took just over a month and used around 100kg of paint,” says Solbon, founder and owner of Café Bw. 

“Since then, our customers have been delighted! People  come to us specifically to take unusual pictures. Our employees are also enthusiastic about the work and some have even been waiting months for vacancies.” Drawings of indoor plants, windows with curtains, rows of books, framed paintings, an oven, a clock and much more hang on the walls of the café. In addition, guests can interact with some installations, such as the "flat" piano or the "drawing" of the telephone.

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