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It's time to see if any of MrBeast's friends can steal a $100,000 diamond for their sister in his latest competition.

For those of you who don't know MrBeast, he's a YouTuber with 47 million subscribers. Just read that first line again, and no, it has no typos. He really does have forty-seven million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Because of this, as well as lucrative sponsorship deals, MrBeast is in the fortunate position to give away large sums of money. So much money, in fact, that he is YouTube's biggest philanthropist.

For those of us who do know of MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, we know that he's given money to the homeless, raised millions for charities, and even given him mom $100,000, but in many of his videos, it's his posse who are the beneficiaries of his generosity.

That's right, MrBeast creates elaborate challenges for his friends with big prizes up for grabs. In this particular video, he has set up a laser obstacle course that his friends need to complete, the winner receives a diamond worth $100,000 for their sister.

The premise is that they are jewellery thieves that need to break into a vault, avoid detection from a series of laser beams, and steal a diamond worth a fortune. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Various levels range in difficulty, and each participant only has three lives. Each time a laser touches them, they lose a life.

Sounds like fun, but will any of them succeed? Well, you'll have to smash that play button on the video to find out!

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