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Many abandoned cities of villages have been discovered over the years. Some holds a more scarier background than other, but not all of them make you shiver of fear. 

In the mouth of the Yangtze River off the eastern coast of China, a small island, which is now abandoned holds a secret haven which are lost to the forces of time and nature. Over the years the abandoned fishing village was swallowed by dense layers of ivy which slowly made its way over every brick and stone. 

The fishing village known as the Houtou Wan Village is located on Gouqi Island, which is a part of a group of 394 islands known as the Shengsi Islands in the Zhoushan Archipelago. 

Houtou Wan Village is only one of many examples of small villages, especially in China, that have become ghost towns due to urbanisation, inaccessibility, depletion of resources, and shifts in industry, among other factors.

Houtou Wan Village was once a thriving settlement merely half a century ago, but unfortunately the town was gradually deserted by the resident after the small bay couldn’t meet the needs of the increasing number of fishing boats.

But fortunately the town has not become a scary haunted ghost town. Over the years nature reclaimed the land and turned the once busy village into a beautiful wonderland. The wonderland is however save for wandering tourists and is still the residence of a handful elderly residents who refuse to leave their birthplace.

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