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Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko has provided us with a more detailed picture of the intimate life of snails. Using a macro approach, these spectacular photographs gets up close and personal to capture a variety of miniature landscapes as the little creatures go about their daily lives.

The amazing photos are able to reveal the amazingly tiny details of the life of snails. 

Mishchenko is able to show us the unbelievable world of snails with his crisp and sharp detailed photos that he is able to snap with great patience and a steady hand. Mishchenko introduces a whimsical world where the delicate snails dominate their environments through a creative perspective. It might seem unrealistic to viewers if you consider how small the scenes really are in comparison to our everyday surroundings.

With the perfect set up these tiny creatures appears much bigger. Tiny berries appear gigantic and the tops of mushrooms are suddenly the perfect place to perch. 

Mishchenko is able to create playful narratives about love stories, adventures, and new discoveries by combining the stunning natural light, vibrant colors, and odd little subjects.  Who would have thought that such a tiny creature can be so interesting in the world of photography.

Mishchenko’s art of photography is not only based on snails, as he is interested in all kinds of creatures such as foxed, ducklings and may more.  and you can check out more of his work on his Facebook page. We can definitely say that he has mastered the macro technique to reveal the amazing details of a tiny little world.

Take a look at some more amazing photos of the life of tiny snails. 

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