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Being the monarch of an entire nation is no easy feat. That's why England's Queen Elizabeth has unique jobs for people to do.

The Queen of England employs over 1,200 people, and that's just to keep her household running. Well, it is a big house, I suppose. But, a few of the jobs are not what most of would consider, well, normal. In fact, they're pretty unique.

For instance, Queen Elizabeth has someone called The Master Of The Horse, and his job, albeit honorary now, is to take care of the royal stables. In the past, this job was of utmost importance as horses and carriages were the preferred mode of transport for the royal family.

Nowadays, according to the palace, "The Master is no longer involved with the day-to-day running of [the royal stables] but still makes inspections and rides in ceremonial uniform at state occasions."

Other interesting positions include The Waterman, who's in charge when the Royals travel by boat, and the food taster that, historically, tested for poison. Then, there's the human alarm clock, he wakes the Queen up on weekdays with a fifteen-minute serenade of bagpipes below her bedroom window.

There are plenty of other unique, unusual and bizarre jobs that Queen Elizabeth has people do for her. To find out what they are, then press play on the video below by YouTubers, The List, you'll be most entertained!

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