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At some point in everyone's life, we have definitely dreamt of having superpowers, whether it be travelling or flying, sadly, we live in a reality where reaching for the TV remote with our minds is just fantasy – however, there are some people out there that possess certain 'superpowers' but, unfortunately, this comes at a high price, a disease.

Let's take a look at some of the super rare diseases that cause humans to possess abnormal abilities.

Super Memory
This one has got to be the most powerful, I think we could all use this superpower going through school and college. Imagine what you could achieve if you had super memory, you could be the real Tony Stark on the brain drug from Limitless naturally, and that's exactly what people with Hyperthymesia have.

People with Hyperthymesia can recall every day of their lives in almost perfect detail. There are only around 60 people in the world that have this condition and they say they can remember details as far back as in their early childhood. While it may seem like a cool condition, there is always a catch, such as remembering all the bad things, constant headaches and often fatigue as well.

Take a look at the video below for more rare diseases that cause superhero-like abilities.

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