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Roman London was well known for being a thriving metropolis and an outpost of the empire. Known as Londinium, it was founded around AD 43  when Roman troops invaded England. They built the earliest "London Bridge" as well as temples, baths, palaces and more. Remnants of this ancient cosmopolitan network still lie beneath the modern city and are often unearthed during building projects and archaeological digs.

Recently, one of the most mesmerising pieces have been unearthed on the site of Southwark Liberty in London's Southwark. The team unearthed a rare mausoleum which includes mosaics, stairs and other fascinating relics. 

Impressive mosaics were previously discovered at the excavation site. The Museum of London Archeology (MOLA), on behalf of Landsec and Transport for London (TfL), carried out the most recent excavation which uncovered the mausoleum. The building consists of a mosaic floor, raised platforms, walls and even stairs leading  to another mosaic. It seems that the ancients may have built a second, raised floor over the original lower mosaic. In addition, more than 100 coins, potsherds, roof tiles and metal fragments were found.

The webweb page became possibly a burial floor for rich Roman Londoners. However, coffins have now no longer but been uncovered. “This notably small webweb page in Southwark is a microcosm for the converting fortunes of Roman London—from the early segment of the webweb page in which London expands and the vicinity has lavishly adorned Roman buildings, all of the manner thru to the later Roman length whilst the agreement shrinks and it will become a greater quiet area in which humans bear in mind their dead,” says Antonietta Lerz, senior archaeologist at MOLA. While The Liberty of Southwark may be a business complex, there are plans to maintain the webweb page in order that the general public can see this cool a part of the city's history.

Lerz adds, “The rediscovery of hence Roman mausoleum and mosaics is a testimony to the wealthy tapestry of our past.” You can discover the webweb page in three-D with this version to peer for yourself.

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