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Simon Pegg breaks down his movie career, from Shaun Of The Dead To Star Trek.

Simon Pegg started off his career straight out of university as a stand-up comedian. This offered him the possibility of getting into the entertainment industry, where he could build up his network as opposed to just sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring for work. But, Simon explains that his first love is acting and that would be the ultimate goal.

Simon Pegg did a few small movie roles as a kid, but had his first movie break with a 1996 film called Six Pairs Of Pants, which wasn't even aired on national TV. Simon had to work a bit harder to get where he wanted to be. Soon thereafter, he landed a role in a film that had a cast filled with some of his friends in the comedy business. From then on, Simon Pegg grew a good reputation in the acting industry.

In the same movie, Simon pushed for a scene to be shot that resembled a scene from the Resident Evil game that involved shooting zombies, which sparked an idea in conversation with movie director Edgar Wright on making a zombie movie. They decided to give it a go with a relatively small budget of just $6M. They never had the expectation that it will be released in cinemas, but after some producers and directors in the US saw the film, a campaign was released to have the movie shown in cinema. Thereafter, every movie released by Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright was incredibly well-received and set them on a path of huge success in their film and acting careers.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Vanity Fair, titled, Simon Pegg Breaks Down His Career, from "Shaun Of The Dead" to "Star Trek" | Vanity Fair.

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