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Most of us have seen driftwood or seaweed washed up on beaches, in fact, it’s such a common occurrence that we don’t even notice it anymore.

But I’m sure most people would definitely notice when something like a giant Lego man or a baby grand piano is found on the beach.

Factsopedia compiled a list of the strangest things that have washed up on beaches all over the world, and here are some of our favourites.

We all know Lego as small blocks that kids play with. They’re usually found in cardboard or toy boxes and, even though they’re small, they hurt like hell when you unexpectantly step on one of them. Nothing strange about that, right?

Now, imagine giant Lego men washing up on different beaches all over the world. Giant as in almost 2.5 metres tall. On different continents.

The giant Lego men have been washing up on beaches in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, America and Japan. It’s not the same one, and some of them have numbers on their backs, so those interested in this have come to the conclusion that it’s a series of giant Lego men.

It’s been a few years since these men have washed up on the beach and so far, no answer has been given.

A baby grand piano was found under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. In typical New York fashion, a lot of people speculated that it might be part of a viral marketing campaign or an art exhibition.

Many onlookers took the chance to either play it or just pose with it for a photograph, but the reason for it washing up has never been discovered or disclosed.

Watch the Factsopedia video below for other strange things that have washed up on beaches around the world.

Image credit: PRI

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