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Dope or Nope YouTube channel has brought us an episode with the 10 giant foods you can actually eat – you can't necessarily buy them all at the shop, I mean you will have to make them all but, nonetheless, if you have never seen a giant doughnut you are at the right place.

They decide if these products live up to these giant expectations and if they taste good, hence the Dope or Nope YouTube channel. In this video you will see:

  • Giant Doughnuts
  • Giant Ice-cream sandwich
  • Giant Slurpee
  • Giant Bento Box
  • Giant Chinese Take-Away
  • Giant Hamburger
  • Giant MacDonald's Hashbrown
  • Giant Lollypop
  • Giant Ferrero Rocher
  • Giant Creamer

See the video for all the Dope or Nope tests of these giant products.

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