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When thinking about a calm walk down the street, you imagine a fascinating atmosphere and beautiful scenery. But there are some other objects along the way, such as a drainpipe, that might destroy your beautiful image. 

However, your scene might just change when seen through the eyes of the artist Tom Bob. A parking block is more than just a concrete slab, and a drain or water pipe is more than just a plastic pipe or piece of steel and plastic. He might see the elongated form of a parking block as a french fry merely waiting to be realised and a water pipe as a friendly worm. 

Bob transforms this and other forgettable parts of the urban landscape into colourful characters and objects for all who walk by to enjoy.

Tom Bob's clever street art is all about finding the possibilities in a place. From transforming a manhole cover and pipes to an array of hoses hanging on a wall, he has found a unique way to make those once-boring objects turn into something uniquely beautiful. 

Tom Bob reveals each plain forgetful object's inner potential, and now people can finally see a pizza, a worm, or a swashbuckling pirate.

Delight is the central focus of this artist's creations. "My goal is to transform street objects into fun whimsical characters. Creating the emotion of happiness and wonder." 

He definitely creates something spectacular when he sees what the object could really be. When you see how he has noticed a blue pipe could make a terrific snout for an anteater, you can't help but be amazed by his vision for a more playful and joyful world.

Here are some more of Tom Bob's splendid transformations. He's definitely left us feeling happy.

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