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Since adorable Kinley was only a 6 months old puppy, she has not heard another sound. Due to undetermined causes little Kinley has been fully deaf ever since. There has been good times but also some struggles Kinley had to face. Her lack of hearing sometimes causes her to feel anxious especially when she doesn’t know what’s going on around her.

However her anxiety did last too long and has immediately got better as soon as her new dog sibling, Lily came around.

Lily initially joined her family as a service dog for her mom, but after meeting Lily, everyone knew that she could also be a service dog and support for Kinley.  Right from the beginning, Lily and Kinley started becoming best friends. Kinley is always so much happier whenever her sister is around.

Bridget Evans, the pair’s mom said, “She is SO much more confident, comfortable and content when she has Lily nearby. She relies on Lily to tell her if there's anything she needs to know about — such as walk time!”

As part of her service dog training, Lily is trained to go and get help in case her mom falls or needs assistance. Smart Lily also learned a new task for when ever her mom says, “Go get Kinley,” before their walks. Lily absolutely understood the assignment and will go and fetch her sister and let her know it is time for their walk.

“I would say that I started it, and they took it from there. Lily is naturally connected to Kinley and she always loves going on adventures with her. When Lily realizes that Kinley isn't nearby, she'll go get her so she doesn't miss out.”

Kinley knows its time to go as soon as Lily has booped Kinley’s nose. But Sometimes the walk can be hard for Kinley as its a little tricky to navigate and not being able to hear. But, with Lily by her side, there’s truly nothing she can’t d

“They are best friends and thrive when they're together. Lily's grown up with Kinley and models a lot of her sweet behavior. And Kinley relies on Lily's guidance and support. It's a beautiful relationship, and I'm glad to share glimpses of it with the world.”

Watch the cute moment when Lily goes to notify little Kinley : https://www.thedodo.com/daily-dodo/dog-lets-deaf-sister-know-when-its-time-for-a-walk?jwsource=cl

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