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A coffee stain to most of us, might only seem like a literal mess and frustration. But, to German illustrator Stefan Kuhnigk, a coffee stain hold a fascinating creatures hidden in the brown smudge and looking to be discovered. The self-confessed caffeine lover turns random coffee spillages into all sorts of weird and wonderful monster characters.

His coffee spill doodles started back in 2011. While Kuhnigk was attending a meeting at the ad agency he works for, Kuhnigk accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on some papers. Rather than trying to clean it up or throwing the papers away, he started to doodle on the dried coffee spill. He started filling in the missing lines and shapes and created his first ever coffee monster. Since then his passion for creating and finding the cute monster in the coffee spill grew and continued.

He’s been creating one every day, and now has a collection of over 500 coffee monsters.

Kuhnigk’s unique monster drawings ranges from sweet and adorable blobs to evil and mischievous creatures. Each drawing is unique and includes several interesting figures such as  strange blobs with eyes and teeth to multi-headed brown splats. “I really enjoy every single one because I love creation and the determination or coincidence of the coffee hitting paper. I try to see a monster, character, or figure in it and when I find something, I draw it.”

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