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Leonardo da Vinci’s complete 12-volume, 1,119-page Codex Atlanticus Data has been released by the visualising company ‘The Visual Agency’. The artist’s entire collection, filled with finely-detailed sketches and scribbled notes, have been made available to all to view. Exploring the 1119 page collection gives you a glimpse inside the brilliant artist, engineer, and inventor’s mind. Codex Atlanticus covers the artist’s entire career and is the biggest collection of Da Vinci papers. The drawing begins in 1478 and ends in 1519. In fact, the name Atlanticus comes from the fact that Da Vinci large sheets he used to draw has some similarities to those  used for geographic Atlases. The large portfolio holds a wide range of sketches and diagrams of his creative inventions such as parachutes, war machines, hydraulic pumps, and detailed architectural sketches and anatomy studies.

It is possible to view these amazing 500-year-old drawings thanks to the Biblioteca Ambrosiana who preserves all pages.  The Visual Agency designed an easy-to-use application and stated on their website, “The cataloging of the Codex Atlanticus is unique and will open new ways to study and experience this collection of texts and drawings and to dive into the work of one [of] the great masterminds of history. You can explore the complete digitised version of Da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus here. 

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