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Those of us who have been stuck in lockdown for most of 2020 likely can't imagine millions of people gathering together, it seems like a long lost memory. However, that's not the case. Here are the 15 biggest crowds in recent human history.

The world may have changed during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, with may human beings around the globe choosing to listen to their governments and avoid contact with others unless absolutely necessary.

It will most certainly be a year not soon forgotten. Empty suburban streets being reclaimed by wildlife, aeroplanes grounded indefinitely, and plenty of polluted cities boasting clean air swirling between their skyscrapers for the first time in decades.

This may be 2020's norm, but most of us have never endured a pandemic before. Over the past century, and especially with the advent of the movie camera, we've been able to document people gathering in enormous crowds for a variety of reasons.

Some gatherings are for religious purposes, others are for presidential inaugurations or the crowning of a queen. Millions of people will gather to see their favourite musicians or support women's rights. There are myriad reasons for human beings to assemble en mass to support things close to their heart.

In the video below, YouTubers, Top Fives, gives us 15 of the biggest crowds in recent human history. The footage is incredible. Imagine 150 million people on a pilgrimage or 12 million humans watching the Tour De France live? It's incredible.

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