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Don’t we just love the Aussies? They're unashamedly proud of who they are, couldn't care less what other people think and just love being good people.

We think we've managed to find the most Aussiest interview ever. And we love it!

Daniel McConnell lives in Brisbane and was asleep when his wife woke him up during the early hours of the morning after hearing a massive bang.

Daniel went outside and saw that a guy had driven straight into the fish and chips shop he lives next door to. The guy then started walking towards his car to drive away.

Daniel, being the laid back everyday Aussie hero, called out and told the guy that he couldn't just drive off. Daniel pursued after him and managed to show the police where he was driving to.

But, the hero part isn't the funny part. Watch until the end of the video, when the news anchors back in the studio comment on the briefs he was wearing, and how superheroes usually wear their underwear over their clothes… and how Daniel was unashamed to mention that he wasn't wearing any underneath.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Watch the Today video below and enjoy the laugh.

Image credit: Life Hacker

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