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When it comes to treats or human food, dogs are sometimes more prone to be the less picky snackers comparing to cats. However, now and then a cat surprises us all with his weird liking in a certain very unexpected food type. Such as an adorable orange kitten named Juice. 

Juice has discovered his very unique liking in a very unexpected food item - corn. This sweet tabby has dabbled in various of food sorts and he hasn’t really found anything he doesn’t like. But, it is clear that he found what he likes the most. 

In an adorable video Juice is heartily munching on corn while it was still on the cob, while his canine sibling Kenai desperately watched from the side, hoping to get a bite.

“Juice is a 9-month-old rescue kitten obsessed with all food. He loves corn and eats it right off the cob. Kenai is a 3-month-old husky mix who tries to steal Juice’s food.”

Here’s the original with a cute soundtrack.

It appears that some other cats has also adopted to the taste of corn.

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