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This is a TikTok compilation of dogs doing funny things will put a smile on your dial.

Dogs, if you don't think they can be cute, then you clearly haven't paid enough attention. This compilation of TikTok videos might change your mind though, as it stars some of the cutest, funniest doggos on social media.

Who wouldn't forgive a giant Ridgeback for wanting to hide from the rain during its walk, or the dog who climbs ladders to follow its owner into the ceiling? Yes, some of them may not be as smart as others, like the Labrador who got itself stuck in a fence, but others are clever enough to put Houdini to shame, escaping from their enclosures an a regular basis.

Some love to be covered in mud, while others prefer to be transported around in a baby carrier like a princess. Then, there's the slobbery Bulldogs that snore like champions and the Pointers with boundless energy that like to knowck things over.

From large to small, skinny to fat, dogs bring joy to billions of humans, and that's why we have videos like this one. So, whether you like these fuzzy canines or not, sit back and enjoy these dogs on TikTok doing funny things!

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