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It's true, the Japanese love pranks so much, they turn them into TV shows. Let's have a look at what they get up to.

Not everyone loves being pranked, but the Japanese seem to be disproportionately fond of them. And we're not talking about buddies pranking each other, we're looking at full-on public pranking that they broadcast on television.

They've created an entire industry around the topic, and they go all out, with elaborate sets and multiple actors. The Japanse seem to love seeing their countrymen running away in fear, or completely humiliated with pie on their face.

Some of these include gadgets and props, like an actor in a realistic dinosaur suit roaming the corridors of an office. Another is set at an art gallery. When an unsuspecting victim is bent over, looking intently at a painting of a lion, he is bashed with a fake bum, though the painting, and into a room with a real lion.

They love fake floors, like the one in a lift, and the girl from the movie The Ring is a favourite, especially when she makes a surprising entrance from the roof of a shower.

Yes, the Japanese go all out for their laughs. To see these and many others, check out the video by YouTubers, Mind Warehouse, called, Take a Look at the Pranks That Are Played In Japan.

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