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It's probably not because of something innocuous like wearing skinny jeans when you imagine breaking the law. But in Delaware, it's technically illegal to wear pants that wrap around the waist. But the strange laws don't end there. 

In Alabama, don't try to hide an ice cream cone in your back pocket. You will be in trouble! In the I Fought the Law series, photographer Olivia Locher, who captures these kinds of rules, chronicles the surprising aspects of American criminal law.

In a polished satirical photo, Locher proves that  truth is often stranger than fiction. Her research into the idiosyncratic laws of all 50 states  provided  creative material for curious scenes such as portraits of a man riding a bicycle by a swimming pool and a woman with a coin in her ear.

Totally bizarre and funny photos will make you think “How could this be the law?” But beyond humour, this project is a serious reminder that hundreds of rules are created each year,  many of which we don't even know about. Some of the laws presented here  no longer apply, but  they once affected or continue to affect our daily lives.

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