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This is a 'you'll have to see it to believe it' story. Hold on to your hats as we find out about these kids who remember their past lives.

As adults, most of us can't even remember last Tuesday, so the idea that kids can remember a past life seems like pure fiction.

However, some of the stories these kids tell are just too close to reality to be ignored. When a three-year-old can give details about events that happened 50 years before they were born, events they've never heard of before, it raises the hair on your neck.

Take Ryan, for example. When Ryan was four, he started having dreams about Hollywood and making movies, often yelling "action" in his sleep. This went on for a year, with Ryan, who lived in Oklahoma, giving details about his house in Hollywood, a place he had never visited in his young life.

Eventually, his mother, who was tired of hearing about his other life, brought home books on Hollywood from the library. While paging through a book with old photos, Ryan stopped on one particular photo, pointed at a man in the picture, and said; "Oh, that's George. We did a picture together".

A few pages later, he stopped at another picture and said; "look, mom, that's me, I found me!" The picture was from a 1930s movie called Night After Night, but there were no names of any of the men in the photo.

With this new information, mom did a bit of digging and soon realised that the 'George' Ryan had referred to was, in fact, George Raft, a movie director.

This prompted Ryan's mom to do some Googling, and she found a psychiatry professor named Jim B Tucker who had spent years investigating people who claimed to have past lives.

Needless to say, the professor did some digging and what he found was astonishing. The man in the picture that Ryan said was him, was a chap by the name of Marty Martin. Not only could Ryan describe Marty, but he had vivid and stunning recollections of his life. He could describe the era and knew personal information that only people close to Marty could know. Because it was the 1930s, most of this information was never made public. He could name people from the era and was able to tell stories about them in detail.

He got really freaky when Ryan met one of Marty's daughters and cowered behind his mother saying he didn't like her as an old woman, he preferred her as a young child.

The video below, compiled by The Infographics Show on YouTube tells us all about Ryan, as well as a handful of other kids who could remember their past lives and believe they are reincarnated. It sounds crazy, even freaky, but the intrigue of the facts given by these kids will have you baffled and leave you scratching your head.

Go on then, press play and be amazed!

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