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Japanese etiquette and culture are known for being different to any other country in the world, it could be one of the reasons why the country is considered to be so unique. Besides their tradition, what to do, what not to do, and other culturally acceptable and unacceptable things, there are really cool things that only exist in Japan.

Like square watermelons. Back in the 1970s, a graphic designer decided to grow a watermelon but, instead of letting it take its own shape, he put it in a square container so that the fruit grew into that shape. It makes it easier to store in the fridge, so maybe it does make sense.

All over the world, rush hour and public transport are two concepts known for being crowded. While we would simply try to squeeze into a compartment or taxi before it departs, there are people in Japan known as professional people pushers.

They push as many people as possible into a compartment before the train departs so that rush hour moves quicker. Imagine getting paid to push people into an already full enclosed area.

While slurping is considered rude in most countries, it’s considered as an act of appreciation for how much you enjoyed your meal in Japan. Not slurping is considered rude and will give the chef the impression that you either didn’t like his food or it was served cold.

In Japan, mayo is considered a delicious topping for ice cream. Yes, ice cream. Thinking of taking a nap at the office? In other countries you might be woken up or even get a written warning, but in Japan you’ll be applauded for being tired because you’re working so hard.

Watch the Bright Side video below for these and other funny things that only exist in Japan.

This article is done, does that mean we can take a nap now?

Image credit: Minecraft

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